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Megan and Kasey’s Engagement Session – Downtown Indianapolis – Monument Circle – Kokomo Wedding Photographers

Megan and Kasey’s engagement session was a lot of fun as we were shooting all over downtown Indianapolis.  From Monument Circle to all kinds of other alley ways and streets, we were up for anything that came (even a chicken car) our way.  I can’t wait for your wedding day guys!  I am sure it will be an incredible day for the two of you.

Don’t ask where this came into play with their session, but how often do you see a “Chicken Car” driving down the street? 🙂

Danger is my business…

Getting married in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Lafayette, or any other cities in Indianapolis? Contact me at mike@mikewisephotos.com for more information.  There are limited dates still available for 2011 and 2012 is already starting to fill up as well.  Follow what I am doing on Twitter.  You can also add me as a friend on Facebook or join the Wise Photography Facebook Page!

Lindsey – Personal Fitness Trainer from Clubfitness 24 – Kokomo Indianapolis Business Photographer

Before you look at these images I think I should warn you!  They will make you want to work out, run, get in shape, lift weights, exercise, get fit, and about any other forms of getting your body fit!

Since I am training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May I have been spending more and more time running on the treadmill, lifting weights, “trying” to get more flexibility, and working out my entire body.  Last year I pretty much did nothing but run.  I think that is a huge mistake that a lot of runners make in their training.  I have noticed this year that with training my core and overall body that I am finding that my times are faster, my recovery time is less, and I have increased my flexibility as well.  Now if I can just work on the diet part more than I am.  I will admit that I am better, but I still have a long way to go when it comes to eating healthy all the time.

So how do you get started?  Well there are a couple of different ways.  One is to do this on your own.  I think there are a few people in this world that are motivated enough to do this on their own.  But the other 99% of us really need some help!  So this is where the next alternative comes in to play.  Lindsey is a personal fitness trainer at Kokomo’s Clubfitness 24.  So my recommendation is going to be for anyone that is looking to get started with improving their fitness should definitely get in contact with her!  So now on to the motivation!

If you and your business would like to talk more about how Mike Wise Photography can create a bigger connection between you and your clients please contact me.

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Nadia’s Baby Session – Kokomo Baby Kid Newborn Photographer Indianapolis

One thing about shooting with babies and kids for me is when I know the parents before they have their children.  It is just a joy to see the change in their voices, their attitudes, and their hearts towards their new baby.  So I loved being able to shoot with Nadia for her three month baby session.  I think she is a perfect mixture of Brooke and Chris. 🙂  I can’t wait to see how much she will have grown at her six month session!

If you are interested in having a newborn or baby session scheduled please contact me at mike@mikewisephotos.com to set up your appointment.  Newborn baby sessions should be shot within the first seven to nine days, so be sure to have a “window” time set up with me for a newborn.  Also a huge thanks to Angie Myers Designs in Kokomo for the adorable hats…

I love when I get to see dads taking care of their little ones…

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Lyndsey and Kyle’s Engagement Session – Kokomo Indianapolis Lafayette Wedding Photographer

I had a lot of fun shooting wth Lyndsey and Kyle on their engagement session last fall before the weather turned.  Seeing this weather is really getting me anxious to start the wedding season back up again!

I have known Lyndsey since she was in elementary school and she played on the Northwestern Middle School golf team when I used to coach.  I remember quite a few nights when she beat out a lot of the boys with her scores!  So I am wondering how Kyle does on the golf course… 🙂  I am looking forward to shooting your wedding guys!  Can’t wait!

If you are interested in learning more about having Mike Wise Photography photograph your wedding just send an email to mike@mikewisephotos.com.  There are a limited number of dates still available for 2011, so don’t wait.  2012 dates are already starting to book as well.

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2012 Mike Wise Senior Photography Spokesmodel Program – Kokomo Senior Photographer

If you are a junior this year and going to be a class of 2012 senior then fill out this application to be considered for the Mike Wise Senior Photography Spokesmodel Team.  This application is the first step in becoming a spokesmodel for Mike Wise Seniors.  The program will involve three advantages right away.  The first is a free spring mini-spokesmodel session to get you started, and then you will receive one free full session (studio or on-location) to be shot by June 30 to add to your package.  The last part will be that your family will receive a free family session to be shot by October 30th.  There will of course be prizes for referrals as well as other free products and contests.

Spokesmodels will be selected based on overall feedback, activities, and willingness to participate in the program.  So don’t think you have a supermodel look to apply.

There will only be two spokesmodels selected from each school.  Spokesmodels will be selected from the following schools.  If you school is not listed that is ok as I have had seniors drive from one to three hours away to get their senior pictures taken.  So go ahead and submit your information as well!

Please include the following information in your application below…

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