A fun 4th of July weekend…

This last week had a lot of different things going on from tennis, the zoo, fireworks, and track meets. 

We took the boys over to the tennis courts for a while.  People are always asking me if I still play…unfortunately that part of my life has ended that chapter.  I used to spend anywhere from 30-50 hours a week on the tennis court teaching…playing…or running tournaments.  So now I pick up any racket that I can find in the closet, where I used to have my racket fine tuned down to the weight, the strings, and the size of the grip.  Funny how things change.  Anyone check out that Federer Nadal match at that thing called Wimbledon?  🙂

 The Fort Wayne Zoo was the place where Cole turned into a “tiger” in the shots below.  He is so funny as he literally became a tiger as they painted his face.  He has a great imagination.  It scares me to think how I used to act when I was his age because I used to be the same way.

We went to the Haynes Apperson Kid’s Track meet over the weekend.  Cole had fun being in the long jump and the 25 yard dash.

I took along my “real” camera when we went to watch a fireworks display.  I went all out from the tripod, the remote release, and even the fisheye lens.  I have been wanting to try this, so I didn’t want to miss the chance.  Hope everybody had a safe and happy 4th.  Back to work…:)


It is amazing how much light you can get with a five second exposure.



Check out Blake’s Thomas Crocs! 🙂


I got some other shots of Cole hitting, but this one just cracked me up.


Blake kept crashing into our court!


On the prowl…



Here’s Cole running to my dad on the other side in the 25m Dash…


Cole and his cousin Madison showing off their ribbons…


My neice McKenna blew away the 3 year old competition…:)


Cole and I hanging out waiting for the next event…


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