Ashley and Adam’s Engagement Session…

I got to take Ashley and Adam’s engagement pictures last night, and just in time as they are getting married this coming weekend!  They both have just recently started new jobs, so they both have been really busy.  I am sure that planning a wedding had nothing to do with it. 🙂

I am sure that we are going to have a great time this weekend because they are both so nice.  I am also looking forward to seeing their minister, because he is an old friend that I have not seen for quite a few years.  Adam is a policeman and it sounds like there are going to be a few others that will be in the wedding party as well.  I won’t have to worry about anybody getting out of line.  hehe…

I am hoping that Ashley got to take care of her mosquito bites as they were out in full force last night.  I am going to need to remember to bring a can of “Off!” in my camera bag next time.  I can see that now on my “What’s in My Bag?” video…”I carry a 25 Deet Count of Deep Woods Off to all my engagement sessions.” (inside joke for all you non-photographers)  I guess I could also throw in a few tiki torches.  That might make for some great mood lighting. 🙂

Have fun with you wedding day this weekend guys.  I am sure that it will be an awesome day! 








I think Adam was trying to persuade this lady into playing a song for him.  Needless to say she didn’t. 🙂


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