Avery’s Newborn Session…

Chasing Hannah’s veil across a four lane highway downtown in Indianapolis on a 4 degree February day is one memory that I will always have.  It doesn’t seem possible that happened almost two years ago.  So now we have to fast forward to the future and Hannah and Drew are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named Avery.

I try to talk about the different aspects of being a photographer on here, but being able to share in such huge events in a young couple’s lives to me is really incredible.  What makes it even more of a special time for me is to see how they have changed.  I remember them being the nervous bride and groom and then being the confident wedding guests at all their friend’s weddings.  I remember seeing the nervous future (about a week away) parents to the point of where they are today…loving and caring parents (definitely more relaxed now) with an awesome little baby.    

Avery was about perfect while we were shooting, except for when she had to change into her Purdue shirt…she got a little fussing then.  I can understand that. :)  I can’t wait to shoot her six month session.  I can’t imagine how grown up she will look at that stage…Congratulations Hannah and Drew!  She is so blessed to have you guys. 🙂



Maybe I’ll be around in 25 years to shoot this same shot on the dance floor during Avery’s wedding… 🙂


This is my favorite shot of the day…






It would not be fair to all the future parents and those that are expecting if I didn’t show the good and the bad.  So don’t worry…there is always the storm…


Of course, then comes the quiet…



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  • joeyDecember 8, 2008 - 12:34 pm

    where are the pics of her in her PU shirt?!! ha!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate MamarilDecember 8, 2008 - 2:40 pm

    Oh Mike,

    I just sat here and cried……Those pictures are wonderful and we have not even seen them all. What you said about Hannah and Drew just made the tears start falling. It just doesn’t seem that long ago that we were planning that beautiful wedding…..Thanks for the wonderful comments and sharing all of our wonderful JOY!!!!

    Kate MamarilReplyCancel