Awesome wedding show!!!

Yesterday was awesome.  The Bridal Gala at Pastariffic’s new Casa Bella Room was great.  Crista (Tharp and Associates) and Jeff (Indiana Bridal Guide) did a great job of running the show and putting on an awesome display of wedding vendors.  There were over 25 vendors and there were lots of people.  So that was a good combination.  I got to see quite a few of my future brides there, so that was nice to get to talk to them and see how they are coming along on their wedding plans.  I brought along my camera (go figure) and took some shots of the day as it unfolded.  I lucked out as I was right by Pastariffic’s booth, so Chef Cynthia had all kinds of samples.  Then Pastry Diva was in the next booth.  Andrea had samples as well, so I had to really try hard to stay in my booth. :)  Jennifer, Joanna, and Brandi were there for Continental Ballroom - Rozzi’s Catering, so I got to talk to them as well.  They are so nice.  I do enjoy getting to see the people the I have gotten to know in the wedding industry.  I don’t always get to talk to them as much as I would like when I see them on wedding days, so it is nice to see people in a different light. 🙂

  I can’t wait because there will be a winter show on January 26th there as well.  I think this will be huge.  This show had very little public advertising, so I think that the word of mouth for the winter show will be huge.  I’ll post the info as soon as it becomes “officially” available.


There were some wonderful helpers.  These guys were at the entrace.  How cute!









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