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I thought I would share this email that I got from a parent of a wedding guest.  I think that all photographers should think about this from time to time to remember what it was like when they were young.  I saw this boy at “Bob and Erica’s Wedding…” that was taking pictures during the reception.  I think it might have been when the wedding party was dancing.  I took his picture and then it was funny because we both took a shot of each other.  We both “chimped” our photos for each other, talked a little shop, and then went about our work.  I put his picture on the blog a few posts ago and his mother sent the following email. 


I am the mother of the little boy who was taking pictures at Erica and Bob’s wedding. Thanks for making him feel so special. He really enjoyed trying to beat you to the good shots. He had a lot of really great photo’s that night, but there were two that he wanted me to send your way that he was especially proud of. He really has a passion for taking pictures and having an adult be respectful of that just encouraged it more. Thank you for being kind to him and not telling him he was in your way. That is what he would have heard from most photographer’s. I appreciate your kindness and so did he.

God Bless,  HT

I appreciate things like this so much.  There are two words that really stand out for me in that letter.  Passion and respect.  I think that is probably what caught my eye about this little guy.  Those are both things that are huge qualities in the wedding industry.  Here is a shot from my friend.  Keep practicing and maybe in a few years you can be my assistant.  Best wishes!


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