Brad and Rebecca’s Wedding…

Brownsburg, Indiana - I wanted to get these pictures on here yesterday, but I had a wedding on Saturday and also on Sunday.  So I just crashed yesterday.  Weddings for me are a passion and a joy, but they are also hard work.  Anyone who says that they are not is either doing something different than I am, or they are a guest. :)  I find that to get the best pictures for my bride and grooms that I have to have that connection with them as well as the others involved.  So I basically am trying to keep about 15-20 peoples thoughts and emotions all in check with anticipation so that if they give “that look” or hug that I don’t miss it.

So speaking of connecting with couples…Brad and Rebecca got married at the Connection Pointe Christian Church with the reception following at the Lumiere du Corps Spa and Resort.  It was a beautiful day from start to finish.  I don’t know that I have ever seen a bride as helpful as Rebecca with her bridesmaids.  She was all over the place from helping with jewelry to helping with bows, hair, or whatever.  That was so sweet because it would be so easy to get so wrapped up in the day and only focus on the main person…the bride of course. 🙂

They are back from their honeymoon from Jamaica, so I wanted to be able to share these with them.  Thank you both for sharing your wedding day with me.  It was a pleasure being a part of your wedding.


Rebecca was also anxious for Brad to arrive, so she kept peeking… 🙂




Definitely a Wise Photography Favorite of the Day!!


Getting ready to see each other for the first time…









I love this shot because it looks “timeless.”  It could have happened yesterday or twenty years ago…


Brad is a body builder, so check out his groom’s cake!  I am glad I didn’t have one of these at my wedding or my cake would have probably had like 4o pounds on it…


One of the flower “grils” wrote the sweetest note to Brad and Becca…That says it all… 🙂


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