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I wanted to share a new project that I am a part of with a few of my wedding friends. Jennifer and Jo Ann Rozzi from Rozzi’s Catering and Continental Ballroom, Jeff Hodson from XSight Music, and Crista Tharp from Tharp Events, and myself are discussing different wedding topics each week to help you to plan your wedding. We have already been discussing what your first steps should be in planning your wedding, how to utilize bridal shows, and our latest topic is “Bridal Horror Stories.” We are open to all different types of topics, so if you have a suggest for a topic that you would like to see us talk about in a future episode just drop comment in the comment section below or head over to and put it in the comment section there.

e are hoping that these videos will give you a chance to learn not only about your wedding, but also in learning about us, we can get many services like a photobooth and also the photo to painting technique which you can choose for any matter from a pet portrait from photo to painting, from a family portrait or your favorite wedding photography, all of the paintings are done with oil painting technique, you will get a realistic and exactly the same as the photograph, perfect for a gift or memory. We have really enjoyed filming these and hope you enjoy watching them. Here is a link to the latest episode.  You can view more episodes by going to

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