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It seems like there is a theme going around with people sharing their wedding photographer horror stories with me.  They say how so and so got married and their pictures were…or they knew somebody who had this one person shoot their wedding and they were so rude.  So my reason for posting this is that I just hope that people realize that your wedding day is not going to allow for a “re-shoot” or to reschedule if things do not go as planned on the photography end of things.  There are also some major things that you need to make sure you consider when booking your wedding photographer.

I was thinking today about my own wedding, the actual wedding day, not my marriage.  Yes, there is a huge difference. :)  I was actually going over some of my shots from the last wedding I shot when I started thinking about this.  I was looking at some of the details and some of the moments that happened.  I started thinking back to my own wedding seven (almost eight) years ago and there are so many things that I really don’t remember about it.  Of course I remember the most important things, but there are so many things that went on during that time that I don’t recall because they all happen so fast. 

One major focus in my photography is that I try to capture details that might be forgotten in a few years or really even in a couple of weeks.  Moments that the bride and groom experience are happening so quickly that they are done and over by the time they are being whisked into the next magical event.  I hope that this might reach just one bride and groom who are thinking that they will have someone “in the family who has a camera” or a person who does weddings from time to time with very limited wedding experience or even the proper equipment.  There is a huge difference.

I would highly suggest at least four things to ask your photographer before choosing them…1.  Do they have backup equipment.  This is a must.  2.  Are they insured?  Most venues will require proof of liability insurance before they will allow them to work there.  Don’t just assume this is something that every photographer has…3.  Do you click on a personal level with the photographer?  I have seen some photographers whose portfolio work is awesome.  They are also very hard to get along with for more than five minutes.  Go with your instincts and if you find that you are not agreeing on most things during your consultation that might also create some problems on your wedding day.  Sometimes photographers forget that it is your wedding and not theirs.  and last…4.  Their style…Do you see yourself in the pictures that you see from them?  Is their style of photography matching up with how you see your future wedding photos?

Hopefully this will give you some insight into what to ask or consider if you are choosing your wedding photographer.  🙂


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  • Rob - Humbled Eyes PhotographyApril 16, 2008 - 7:15 am

    Well said. I’ve heard some crazy stories too. If a bride needs to save some money on their wedding, she should take it out of the flowers or something else. I give my brides the option to buy albums and print after the honeymoon. There are three things in life you should never skimp on; kitty litter, toilet paper and wedding photographers!!!

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