Christmas is coming…

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is only 10 days away.  It is funny how when you are a kid that it seems like it takes forever to get here, but then when you are older it seems like Christmas gets here so quickly that it is sometimes hard to find the time to relax and enjoy it.

I did put up all the lights on our house on a pretty warm day this year, so that worked out for the best.  My wife told people last year that I needed a 24 foot extension ladder as a Christmas present, so of course that meant that I didn’t have an excuse not to put the lights all over the roof this year.  If you ever get bored and want to experience something really cool just come over and I’ll extend the ladder up to 22 feet and you can touch the top of our roof at the A frame. 🙂

We have the Christmas tree up and yesterday was the first day that I started up a fire in the fireplace.  So now it is time for my boys (ages five and two) to play the waiting game.  Cole has already started counting down and tells me every day how many days are left.  I think we are going to visit with Santa this week, so hopefully he can come through with the mighty list of things that they have prepared for him. 🙂



Each year we try to pick out ornaments for the boys to represent the things that are important to them at that time in their lives.  Blake (2) is really into Nemo (Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Madagascar, etc) so we have the Nemo ornament and the Buzz Lightyear.  We let Cole pick out his ornament and he picked out a take out order box of Chinese food. :)  His favorite restaurant right now is Jay’s Authentic Thai restaurant…Sometimes I wish everybody thought of things the way a five year old does. 🙂



I can’t remember who got me this ornament…I don’t think I have any camera ornaments, so this is probably the next best thing that they could find.  If I don’t have a camera in my hand then I am usually on my laptop.


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