Continental Ballroom Taste Testing Party…

I was asked to attend the spring taste testing party at Continental Ballroom in Kokomo, Indiana this weekend, so I was more than happy to be able to shoot some shots for them, as well as to talk to some of my future brides.  Jennifer and Jo Ann Rozzi and their staff were on hand to answer any questions and make everone feel right at home.  They do such an awesome job.  Jeff Hodson from X-sight Music was there providing the dinner music.  It was a relaxing evening with awesome food and great people.

It was funny because I actually saw more grooms than usual at this wedding planning function, but then I remembered…FOOOD!  I think that was the one thing that I was concerned about “detail wise” when I got married.  I just wanted to make sure that we had jumbo shrimp cocktail at the reception.  We did…It was awesome.  That made my day. :)  Grooms are so easy to please when it comes to weddings.

I took along my Canon 85 f1.2 lens, so I was shooting all over the place at f1.2 to f1.6 and most people didn’t even know I was there.  One of the luxuries of this lens is that I can shoot in amazingly low light.  It actually seems as though sometimes this lens creates light when there really isn’t any there.  I honestly can’t imagine shooting without this lens.  I guess you could say I am spoiled. 🙂



The Continental Ballroom staff getting things ready for the evening.




Jeff was busying getting all the tracks laid out for the night.




A groom helping in the wedding planning. 🙂


Mmmm…the chocolate drizzle from the cheesecake bar is awesome!



I caught Jennifer, Jo Ann, and Mama Rozzi in action during the evening…




I had to make use of the huge mirrors behind the bar. 🙂


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