Continental Ballroom’s Taste Testing Party…

I was invited to attend the Continental Ballroom’s Taste Testing Party this week by Jennifer and Jo Ann Rozzi , and it was awesome.  There were all kinds of delicious dishes there to sample.  They fixed me up with a huge sampler, so I was able to try them as well.  It is important that photographers know how good the food is so that we can make sure to eat when we are working.  It is hard, but this makes it easier to set down the camera for a few minutes at least. :) 

Jeff and Todd from X-sight Music were there playing a huge variety of songs to sample all the different parts of the evening for your wedding reception.  I love working with these guys.  I know when they are DJ’ing your reception the guests will have an awesome time.   I know that I have mentioned before that wedding vendors are so important to a photographer.  If the bride (and sometimes the groom 🙂 ) is happy then everybody is happy.  No photographer wants to take pictures of an unhappy bride or groom.

The ladies at Raining Romance brought their flower creations.  These are just awesome.  They are hung up above either the dance floor or the exit to the church and then the ribbon is pulled to release a big batch of rose petals or whatever flower that goes with the wedding party.  I have included some shots below so that you can see these.  You can contact me for more information from them.

There were reps there from Kokomo High School and Northwestern High School that I got to talk to about their senior proms, however, by the time we were done talking they were all ready to get married so that they could see their wedding pictures. 🙂










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