Emily and Robert’s Wedding…

Emily and Robert’s wedding was on October 6th, so of course this was the weekend that was about 90.  I think that there were record temperatures set that day, but that didn’t keep us from going outside for some great shots in front of the St. Patrick Catholic Church in Kokomo.  It is such a beautiful church for a wedding.   We then went to the Apollo Club for the reception.

I think Emily might be one of the most relaxed bride’s I have ever had on a wedding day.  I left them after taking some detail shots of the dress and the flowers, so I said that I would return in a few minutes to get shots of them lacing her up and finishing up.  So I get back and they are all down there eating, laughing, and just totally relaxed.  I was kind of laughing to myself because I think I was probably stressing out more than the bride. :)  I love it though when people just stop relax and enjoy the time with their family and friends.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget to actually “enjoy” your wedding day.  I know that Emily and Robert didn’t forget.

Karen Peelle did the flowers and as always they looked spectacular.  I loved the colors, as orange is one of my favorites.

I have known Emily’s dad for many years, so it was so cool to see him dance with her and just see the love that he has for her.  Don’t worry…I won’t tell anybody if I saw a tear or two. :)  I want to thank you guys for making me feel just like part of your family on such a special day for you. 

Best wishes…















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