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I wanted to just put a few comments regarding the pictures on my blog.  I have had a few people ask me about putting their senior pictures from the blog on Myspace or Facebook, or they have their own wedding blog that they have created.  So I thought I would reply to a few more people to save people the worry and possibly confusion.  1.  I would love for you to use the pictures from the blog on any of these websites to show off your pictures!  My only request is that you leave my logo and website on there.  This is just part of the deal of being able to use these.  It is just giving me a little bit of credit and possibly another client.  This might seem selfish, but I spend a lot of time on my blog trying to get as many sessions on here as possible, so I figure that this is just a little bit of payback for putting the shots on there. 🙂 2.  These pictures are not for printing.  I know that seems obvious, but there are some people out there that honestly don’t understand why this is wrong.  These are also low resolution (poor quality) resized images that have been crunched down and hammered to fit the blog sizing.  So having said that I would hate to think of the quality of the print that would come from these.  It is also illegal. 🙂

So feel free to use these on your websites, Myspace, and Facebook pages…just don’t print them off. :)  I don’t want for someone to think that I would deliver a print that looks like it was done on a home printer or at Wally World.  I am sure you understand.

One other thing…here is my Facebook Page, so if you want to become “friends” just head over there and send me a shout! :)  Please don’t critique my page as I have just recently been pushed by my photography friends to get this done, so it needs some lovin’!


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