First Wedding of 2009…

I am so excited for this weekend as I am shooting my first wedding for the 2009 wedding season.  I was talking to the bride last night about the details for the wedding day, and I realized how much I have missed shooting weddings.  I have taken the last two and a half months off. It is probably one of the smartest business (and personal) decisions that I have made.

I love shooting weddings, and anybody that knows me knows this about me as well.  But I have also talked with photographers who have been in my situation that now hate shooting weddings with a passion.  So for me this was my way of recharging, relaxing, and making sure that this never happens to me.   It has also great being able to be home with my family and not having to tell my boys that I was leaving to go to another wedding. :)  It makes me wonder sometimes if they realize what I actually do at weddings.

After shooting a ton of weddings last year I have decided that I am going to go on more of a limited schedule.  I feel as though this is going to allow me to better serve my clients and also to keep my enthusiasm and passion for weddings for the more than just a few years as others have tried.  So for those of you that are looking to book your wedding dates in 2009 there are still a few available.  So contact me as soon as possible so that we can get your date on the books.wedding1

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