Football Time!!! – Indianapolis Colts at 13-0 – Kokomo Kid Baby Photography

Now that the Colts are 13-0 I think it is time to share these pictures that I took with Cole and Blake back in October on a Sunday afternoon after a Colt’s game.  Not that I wouldn’t have shared them if they were 8-5, but having an undefeated season makes it all the better…



These are Cole’s Sports Illustrated cover poses.  He is trying to look tough.  I am pretty sure that if Cole decides to play football it better be for the kicker/punter.  I don’t know too many 6’3″ 170 pound football players. 🙂



So once Blake saw this it was monkey see…monkey do.  Blake has a better chance of playing football.  He is a roughneck.  Cole would feel too bad about sending somebody flying to the ground.  Not Blake…


Here is his serious face…which is 70% of the time…


He also has a sneaky side to him…


…as in trying to grab my camera when I am taking pictures of him. 🙂


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