Hilarious Wedding Slideshow Video – Indianapolis Wedding Photographer – Obama Wedding Video

I wanted to share a video clip for a wedding slide show. I have to give this guy credit for being different and for having a sense of humor.  I am impressed with the catch light (Obama light) in the eyes of the groom.  Ok…call me a photography nerd for liking that one. 🙂

I think more people should throw out the “traditional rules” on their wedding day.  It isn’t easy, but at the same time I think most people look back on their wedding day and realize that they could have let down their guard a little more.

Here is the text that went a long with the video.  It seems as though the groom put his best man in charge of creating the wedding video.  No questions asked…

“Ben got married last month. He asked me to make the wedding slide show. My instructions: We want our slide show to be DIFFERENT. You can do whatever you like, and I won’t ever try to approve it.
This is what I did.
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