Ice skating on the pond…

I got a few shots the other day of Cole in his new ice skates that he got for Christmas.  I took my drill out to our pond to check the thickness of the ice.  It was at least five inches thick.  Last year he wanted to skate so badly, but being four he just wasn’t ready for that.  But at five years old that is a piece of cake.  Here are some of the action shots… 🙂 (Please don’t email or comment asking for the pictures of me ice skating.  I don’t.   Cold weather is not one of my strong points.  My fingers were freezing after I was out taking these.  It is amazing how cold the barrel of a 70-200 gets in such a short time.  hehehe….)



Oh no…a wipeout!


My wife had a wipeout of her own. 🙂


Our dog, Macey, was out there most of the afternoon…


I felt bad that we were not able to take Blake out for a little bit.  He was watching us from the window…


Granny kept him company…


My wife is always telling me that she could participate in Olympic sports or if we are watching something on tv that she thinks that she could do.  So here is her attempt at figure skating…I think the US judge gave her a negative score. 🙂



Here is the ice skating gang…Cole, my wife, her sister, and her mom…she gets credit for shoveling the snow off of the ice. 🙂


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