Justin and Jenna’s Engagement Session…

Indianapolis, IN – It is about 2:00am in the morning, and I wanted to share these pictures with you earlier, but I had a little distraction.  One of our trees was struck by lighting.  I got a call from one of my neighbors asking if I knew the one of our trees was on fire.  It looked like a big huge bonfire at the base of the tree.  I called to check with the fire department to see if they thought that they should come out or not.  It wasn’t close to the house, but they came out to check anyways.  So thanks to the Galveston Fire Department for coming out with their help. 

Ok…so now on to Justin and Jenna’s engagement pictures from Indianapolis.  I have a story about them that is so cool.  I talked with Jenna back a few months ago when she asked if I had a specific date available for her wedding.  Unfortunately I was already booked.  So I gave her some things to look for and ask when they were looking for another wedding photographer.  A couple of days later she told me that they had changed their date to one of my available dates.  So I felt very honored by this.  So thank you guys again.  That means a ton to me. 🙂

I won’t mention where we were in a couple of these “grassy” shots.  I noticed that after we left as I was walking back that there was a “Keep Off the Grass” sign. :)  Oops.  Plush grass is a premium when you are downtown Indianapolis, so I guess I can see why. 









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