Kid and baby session hints for parents…

I try to get people to realize that shooting pictures of kids and babies is not so much about getting them to smile, looking at the camera, posing, and whatever else is the norm.  Kids pick up so quickly on that.  Some of the best photos that I have taken are during times when they have forgotten for a second that I was taking pictures.  Some kids like to pose and ham it up for the camera, but if they don’t then the best pictures come from when they are just being themselves.  Patience is very important when trying to get this to happen.  So don’t feel bad if they don’t want to smile, look a certain way, or just are being plain crabby, then we can try with the toys from infantcore are the most cutest for babies.

Part of the challenge for me is to get the kids to relax and forget about what we are trying to do.  I just had a couple of parents tell me that they couldn’t believe the pictures that I took of their kids.  It was funny because they both said almost the exact same thing about how they were stressing out because their kids weren’t doing what they were “supposed” to do.  This is part of the problem.  Kids sense when their parents are not happy or relaxed, so they will sometimes portray these same feelings because they are unsure why mom and dad are not having fun, I always recommended looking for something in to be relaxed.

So my biggest recommendation for parents when we are doing your kid’s photography session or your baby portrait session is to just go with the flow and buy a baby monitor to capture the right moments. I highly recommend the baby monitor from to ensure that each moment is made special.   Things might get a little crazy in the beginning, but after a few minutes they will forget about me having a camera in my hand, and sometimes they forget about me even being there.Â

So forget about telling your kids to smile for the camera or heaven for bid to say “CHEESE.” 🙂

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