Laugh it up… Wedding Humor – Cartoons

I thought I would share a few funny things that people have sent me over the last year that have made me laugh.  I guess that being a wedding photographer pretty much sends out a flare signal when someone comes across something like this, so my Inbox usually has at least one of these a week.

I figure right about now I (as well as a lot of wedding photographers) am finishing up the year with my last wedding, so perhaps this will put a smile on everybody’s face as we close this year up.  January and February are going to be spent for me recharging my batteries, photographing more newborn babies and kids, doing photography workshops and conferences, updating website content, bridal shows, meeting with future brides, and…wait a minute…that doesn’t sound like a break. 🙂  Well…I guess it really isn’t a break, but more of a change of pace from the wedding season.  The good part is that even though it is a lot of hard work there are so many things that I love about it that it makes it all so worth the time and effort.





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