Mary and Matt’s Wedding…

I shot Mary and Matt’s wedding last weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The wedding was at the Bellarmine Chapel on the Xavier University campus.  The reception was held at Receptions South Cincinnati.

I had a blast shooting this wedding.  They were so much fun.  I can honestly say that this might just be the best wedding of the year.  I am setting the bar really high for this early in the year, but I think that this will be a very tough one to top.  So I am challenging all of my other bride and grooms to see if you can knock this one down to number 2.  :) 

Awesome family and friends…tons of dancing…awesome food…no snow for people to travel…beautiful bride…handsome groom…loving parents…I think I could go on and on…

I want to thank Matt and Mary and their families for making me feel as part of the wedding party.  At the reception one of Matt’s sisters came by and asked me if I needed anything (chocolate dipped pretzel…strawberry…etc.) as she was walking back to her table.  I just thought that was so nice.  There were other times throughout the weekend when other people made me feel right at home and part of their family.  I love it when I feel that way because then I know that everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves and not worrying about what I am doing.  :) 

I can say that I have to ask them when they get back a question.  I have never seen this done at a wedding reception.  There are very few things that catch me off guard anymore, but as they were dancing the floor opened up to a circle.  Then someone took a drink out to the middle of the floor.  People started dancing one at a time around this drink.  Everything from a cartwheel to a stage dive went on around this glass.  Then people started to drink it.  Once it was gone someone “slid” another drink “bar” style across the floor.  Not a drop on the floor…

Enjoy your honeymoon in the Myan Riveria in Mexico guys!  I am looking forward to you guys seeing your pictures.  All the best, Mike






I was shooting the girls as they were getting ready and I noticed somebody in the mirror. 🙂


Matt sees Mary for the first time on their wedding day.  I love it when couples do this.  This gives you time to talk and enjoy the moment with each other. You can’t do that if you wait until the ceremony.


This is what I was up against all day long.  While Mary was out trying to finish up her shots I look in the doors to the church and see this!!  HILARIOUS!!!











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  • terJanuary 16, 2008 - 6:25 am

    Mike- glad to have found your site! Your work looks amazing, that wedding must have been a ball. It will be great to meet you at the workshop in March, I hope I’m not out of my league!! (Oh, and I snagged that U23D widget- hadn’t seen it anywhere else yet) thanks! 🙂ReplyCancel