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Here is a continued look at the shots from the sessions by Victor Sizemore and Emma Smith and Eric Guideng.  Thanks again guys!


We were able to use the MGM Grand Signature’s pool area for some shots…






We took the session inside for a few minutes (that is until the security goons threw us out)…so then we went back outside of the MGM Grand…but there was a little bit of rain…


MikeWisePhotos-138 copy

MikeWisePhotos-141 copy

MikeWisePhotos-143 copy

MikeWisePhotos-146 copy

MikeWisePhotos-157 copy

MikeWisePhotos-131 copy

MikeWisePhotos-182 copy

MikeWisePhotos-175 copy

MikeWisePhotos-173 copy

MikeWisePhotos-189 copy

MikeWisePhotos-187 copy

Here are some shots of some of my friends… Tara MauldinTerence Law…and Mirelis Sanchez

MikeWisePhotos-66 copy

MikeWisePhotos-79 copy

MikeWisePhotos-89 copy

MikeWisePhotos-95 copy

And a few more…

MikeWisePhotos-202 copy

MikeWisePhotos-135 copy

MikeWisePhotos-136 copy

For some reason this shot makes me look even taller than I really am…

MikeWisePhotos-30 copy

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