My Worst Nightmare… :)

BrideWars is a movie that is coming out on January 9th.  I can only imagine what this movie is going to do for the wedding industry.  I figure that it will probably ending up making more people mad than anything, but that is probably part of the plan.  I doubt if they would want to film a wedding scene that is not filled with drama.  The idea of the movie is that two friends plan their weddings for the same day.  I guess it doesn’t take much of a story anymore to make a movie.  Here are some other wedding movies that you might want to check out…These are the ones that I have seen, so if there are some others that you know of that are worth watching just put them in the comment section.

Wedding Crashers – Definitely worth watching…Will Ferrell yelling for his mom’s meatloaf is classic and the football scene as well.

My Best Friends Wedding – One of my wife’s favorite movies of all time.  She can watch this no matter where it is when it is on one of the thousands of time each week on TNT.

Father of the Bride – The reason that God did not give me girls.  I probably would have been worse…

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – My wife and I went to see this…no comment.

Meet the Parents – Poor Gaylord Focker…This is one of those movies that never gets old…even if you watch if like 20 times.

The Wedding Singer – One of the best wedding movies of all time imo…This has influenced grooms to sing how they want to grow old together and probably has influenced people not to hire wedding singers. :)  My favorite line…”Say hi to your brother Tito for me.”

The Other Sister – Another movie that my wife and I went to see…For some reason I don’t remember why I said that I would go see this.  It must have been a weak moment or something.

Here are some others that have made their way in front of my eyes.  I am probably a lot more critical than I should be when I have watched these.  I am usually looking for the photographer or some silly detail that most people would not notice (or care about) if they were even looking for it.

The Wedding Planner

Sweet Home Alabama

Runaway Bride

27 Dresses