No contacts or glasses doesn’t seem possible…

I have worn either glasses or contacts from the time that I have been in fifth grade, so to think of not having to wear either seems a little odd to me.  Well…tomorrow morning is going to make that a reality as I am having LASIK surgery.  I have been thinking (and praying) about this for more than a year or two.  It has been a tough decision for me, but at the same time I also think it is the right time. 

I have met with Dr. Price and the staff from the Price Vision Group in Indianapolis.  They were awesome and handled all my questions and concerns.  It is amazing looking at all of the technology that they have available to size, test, measure and determine the best results for each patient.

The Indiana Pacers and Q95 both endorse Dr. Price, so I am hopeful that after the surgery I can shoot three pointers as well as Reggie Miller.  I don’t know that I could ever see things the same way as Bob and Tom. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted…If I don’t blog about it right away it is probably because I can’t see good enough to find the keys on my keyboard just yet. :)  So if you want to follow me on Facebook…here is my link.  I can probably type a line or two easier than a whole blog post. 


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