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I was cleaning out some of my old stuff in my desk the other day and I came across a few old floppy disks…1.44mb…HUUUGE…anyways…So I had to find an old computer to be able to even download the files off of them.  I remember now that I used these in one of my first digital cameras  It was the Sony Mavica FD-91.  It had one of the longest fixed zoom lenses of any of the digital cameras at that time.  It basically had the 35mm equivilant of a 37-518 range.  So that rocked! (well at the time)…So now on to the pictures that I found.


I took this to the RCA Championships (which is now the Indianapolis Tennis Championships) in Indianapolis.  I used to go there about every year.  I used to be a teaching tennis pro, so I would always get these great seats from friends or people that just knew that I would love to go.  So I had front row seats in the gallery and got to shoot some shots of tennis champion Pete Sampras.  I loved this tournament over the years as I got to see some of the world’s greatest tennis players in Boris Becker, Jimmy Conners, Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, and many other huge talents.  The best part of getting to go was that I was able to go with either my dad, my wife, or my friends.

I think this lens must have been equal to a sloth when it came to low light photography.  But I do remember that I was asked a few times if I was shooting for a paper or if I was a professional.  Hahaha…that is because of course a big lens means professional.





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  • JaymeFebruary 5, 2008 - 12:25 am

    How cool to find those old photos!!! I remember my first digital camera, wasn’t as cool as yours and the quality was probably alittle worse too. I can’t imagine what the technology is gonna be like 10 years from now.ReplyCancel