Pacers vs Celtics with KG…

Last night my wife and I got to go to the Indiana Pacers game last night against the Boston Celtics down at Conseco Fieldhouse with my friend Brent Owens and his wife.  We had a lot of fun.  I have known Brent way back from high school, so having all attended the same school we had a lot of funny stories to share.  Brent is the president of CFD Investments, so he is definitely the person to go see for getting your financial plan set up.  My parents, my wife’s parents, and many of our friends work with Brent and I love the feeling that I have total trust in Brent.  It is amazing how many different ways that they have given us to save money, make money, and the options that we want to have for our future.  I can’t stress enough how important that is for young people, as well as older.  Saving for your future is not an option.  It is a necessity. 

Anyways…the game was tough because JO didn’t really show up.  I think KG was part of the reason.  I took along my gear to shoot some shots.  I just couldn’t resist.  I have shot a couple of times on the floor at basketball games at Conseco for the boys and girls indiana high school basketball finals, so to shoot down close again is just awesome.  We were ten rows up, so I was able to have some fun.  I am predicting (along with a few others) that Boston is probably going to have the best chance at taking out San Antonio.  I am predicting (this is going out on a limb) that the Pacers won’t make the playoffs unless they can make some mid-season trades that can put some numbers up on the scoreboard.












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