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Well here we are with another baseball season upon us.  Cole is now playing rookie league at Northwestern.  He has had a couple of games now, and I was able to shoot at the last one.  It always brings such a huge appreciation to sport shooters when I go out and do this because there are so many different dynamics involved with shooting sports.  I love doing it though because it definitely pushes me as a photographer.  It also allows me to break out my Canon 300 lens that I love. 🙂

Cole has been playing shortstop and catcher.  He loves putting on all the gear, and of course, being in the center of all the action.  It is funny to be to watching him out there because he is still only 6, but the age groups are for 7-9.  He has been playing baseball now since the time he was 3.  So he is definitely ready for this.

Here are a few shots from the day…

ColeRookieLeague10-5 copy

ColeRookieLeague10-25 copy

I thought for a minute that he was trying to stare down the runner…Nope.  It was Zeb from his class…He wanted to wave to him. 🙂

ColeRookieLeague10-12 copy

He threw a guy out at third, so he got a high five from his coach…

ColeRookieLeague10-13 copy

Then another one when he got his second hit of the night…

ColeRookieLeague10-21 copy

ColeRookieLeague10-7 copy

Jeff Hodson of X-Sight Music had a son on the other team, so I got a couple of shots of him.

ColeRookieLeague10-15 copy

ColeRookieLeague10-28 copy

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