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Ryleigh and Brady’s Kid Session…

I had a great time shooting with Ryleigh and Brady in their family lifestyle session.  Brady just turned one, so he is at one of my favorite ages.  In the time that I was there we got to play on his four wheeler…play with the remote…the cell phone…change his diaper…have a bottle…and take a nap.  No… I wasn’t there all afternoon. :)  Timing is everything…But that is one thing that I love about shooting lifestyle portraits of babies.  To capture these things as they happen is something that doesn’t always happen, but when they do it is something that parents can look back on in four or five years and wonder how they ever did that and managed to keep up with them.  He also loved my cameras…So that will probably be on his birthday or Christmas list in a few years.

Now I also got to shoot with Ryleigh.  She is all smiles.  She is getting ready to take guitar lessons, so that was fun to hear her playing her “PINK” guitar.  She rocks!  The best part about it is that she is very serious about this…and her DS…her computer…and her American Girl dolls. :) 

I loved shooting with you guys, and I can’t wait to get you all outside for some summer shots…





Brady loooves his daddy! 🙂




Ryleigh is really into her computer games…



This is one of my favorite shots of the day…comfy couch…Nintendo DS…American Girl Doll…Life cannot get any better! 🙂



Brady kept coming after my cameras…He wanted to see his pictures. 🙂


So mom took over when he started getting tired…




Thanks Brady and Ryleigh…You guys were super!!!


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