Snacks at the baseball diamond are the best…

Cole’s t-ball season has started again this spring with a bunch of rainy, cold days. So if we ever get some warm days for these guys I am sure they will have a lot more fun. There are so many things going on at the t-ball level. Playing with the dirt, the flowers, or the grass always seems to be more important. You have parents yelling to their kids from the fence about where to go or where to throw the ball. You have dads and moms coaching from the field trying to get their kids to throw the ball the right way. There are the kids who want to be there and then the kids who don’t. You can see already the kids who have quickness, and the kids who are never going to have “quick” in the same sentence as their name. There are other games going on with the older kids and I always wonder if they are having fun…

I can remember one of the best parts about playing baseball when I was a kid was staying after our game to try to catch foul balls to get a free coke.  We always got a coke after the game, but it never was as good as the free one. :)  I think we had candy, drinks, nachos, and hot dogs, and we thought that was great.  I guess that is what nostalgia is all about.  :)  Remembering the way it was when you were a little kid will never compare because of the way that you saw things at that time in your life…




The following pictures are all while the game is going on… 🙂



Another thing that happens anytime anyone hits the ball is that there is a mad dash to get the ball…


So instead of trying to get the runner out it becomes a game of who can pile on top and come out with the ball…


Cole got to keep the “game ball” that night.  It was funny because he knew that it was his turn before the game to get to keep the ball after the game…



Of course the best part of the night was getting a huge Coke, some beef jerky, and some sour strings…it doesn’t get any better than that…Well maybe a free coke for shagging a foul ball. 🙂


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  • EmmaApril 30, 2009 - 1:25 pm

    Thats so cute. It totally brings me back to the days when Justin played Little Leauge. Many many long hours, it was fun in L.A but not so much when we moved here. LOL
    cute shots!ReplyCancel