Snow Days…

With all the snow that we received over the last few days it has slowed everything down. It was really great to get to stay home with my boys for three days. We went outside and shoveled off the pond, so my wife and mother-in-law went ice skating. I got the great idea to use my leaf blower to try to “blow” the snow off of the ice. That didn’t turn out to be the greatest idea. My son had a blast “skating in his boots.” We got the sled out too. I was actually able to throw him across the pond with him on the sled. He had a blast as this was his first “big” snow.


My dog also had a lot of fun trying to run through the drifts.


I can actually say that I am now ready for summer though. I am willing to put all this cold weather fun aside for more fun in the sun. I hate wishing things away, but cold weather is just not for me. Spring cannot be that far away…

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