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I find that more and more now the Facebook and Twitter scene stealing my time away from my blog. It is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I am convinced that it is a huge positive, but there are times when it just sucks the time away from the day if you let it.  So here is a lot of posts all shoved into one. 🙂

I am really excited to start the wedding season here in a few weeks.  I have been talking with a few of my brides and it doesn’t seem possible that their day is quickly approaching.  I am also getting ready for the high school seniors to start their sessions for the 2010-2011 school year.  I am really excited to start working with the spokesmodels as well.  Can’t wait to share their shots with you…

Here is a wide variety of things that have been going on in the last few weeks (these were taken with my Canon G9, so if you don’t have a great point and shoot check out the Canon G11.  For those of you who don’t mind lugging your DSLR around with you…more power to you.  I prefer not to have to bring it with me for family stuff like this)…

WiseCB-5 copy

We took Cole to the Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, Indiana.  He had a blast there.  I think Wendy and I pretty much said that might have been the longest 3 hours we have seen in a while. 🙂

WiseCB-4 copy

WiseCB-3 copy

Wendy had her birthday with a cake from J. Edwards Chocolates…the boys helped eat all the cherries off of the banana split cake.  I took care of the rest…

WiseCB-6 copy

We went to the NCAA Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium for the practice and for Bracket Town…

WiseCB-14 copy

Wendy had her game face on when Duke showed up…

WiseCB-16 copy

 WiseCB-25 copy

Dick Vitale was at Bracket Town signing autographs…

WiseCB-24 copy

WiseCB-10 copy

Cole looked up and saw this camera and said the we needed to get one of those!  It was about 100x bigger than normal size…We could put this out in front of the studio… hehe…

WiseCB-11 copy

WiseCB-17 copy

Cole had a lot of fun at Bracket Town at the Indianapolis Convention Center.  Grandpa Ty had fun too. 🙂

WiseCB-21 copy

Here they are checking out the new LG 3D TV…it is sweeeeeet.

WiseCB-12 copy

This is probably as close as I am ever going to get to a “BOB” with a G9… (that is a ball on bat shot in sportshooter terms. 🙂 hehe..)

WiseCB-23 copy

I hope Cole gets to cut down a lot more nets in his lifetime…

WiseCB-19 copy

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