Super Bowl Predictions…


I will start off by predicting that the Giants will lose 31-14 to the Patriots.  I think it will be close until the fourth quarter.  At that time in the broadcast Eli Manning will realize that they have been showing his dad (and Peyton if he is there) more than they have been showing him and have a mental breakdown.  Peyton will probably make the trip from Indianapolis, but will leave at halftime because he needs to film another Oreo commercial and another pep talk about having a brother who can’t win the Super Bowl to add to his list of commercials.  Tom Brady will retire at the end of the game so that he can focus more of Tom Brady’s attention on what is most important in Tom Brady’s life and that is “Tom Brady.” 

I am picking the best commercials to come from either or Budweiser.  But I am also not counting out FedEx or Snickers.  Look for the dark horse this year in either Coke or Pepsi.

I am going to go out on a limb (haha) and predict that Tom Petty is just not going to rock that much for the Super Bowl.  I saw him a few years back and he is awesome in concert, but I think that he is way too laid back and needs the concert scene that allows him to talk to the crowd and this will not be filled with drunk (well, ok, maybe) people there to see him sing “Free Fallin.”  So there might be a few million people who switch the channel during the half time show as there are other alternatives.  But then again there might be a few million people who have already turned the channel after the Patriots have scored 10 times in the first half. 🙂

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