The “Picture” Hunter…

I thought I would share one of the shots that I got with my son, Cole, when we went “hunting” a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure what we were hunting, so I think we were just looking for anything that moved.  He was decked out in all of his “camo” and his Canon G3 to take pictures of whatever we saw.  He also brought his binoculars as well.  Unfortunately we didn’t really find anything on our journey, but it was so funny how serious he was the whole time trying to make duck noises and sounds that would sound like a deer’s antlers.  He has watched these hunting shows on ESPN enough to know exactly what he is supposed to do, because I sure don’t.  As funny as it is…it is times like this when I see him doing these things and realize how much I love him.

So if you ever want to go on an adventure just go “picture” hunting with a five year old. :) 


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