Time to relax…

This past weekend was fun because I was able to spend some time with my family and just get to relax.  It started off with Cole and I going to get his Christmas shopping done.  He loves this store called “Deals” and so that is where he wanted to go and shop.  It is basically a dollar store.  He likes this store because they have swords and guns of course.  Anyways…he had a lot of fun picking out all kinds of things for everybody.  My wife had taken Blake with her shopping, so it was just Cole and I.  I asked him what he wanted for lunch.  He wanted the double deep double topping pizza from Pizza Hut.  He goes nuts whenever he sees that commercial and always tells us that we have to try that.  So we did.  It was fun just hanging out together. 

Then my wife and Cole went outside in the snow and he loooved it.  I stayed in with Blake and watched with him.  He kept pointing to Cole outside.  Cole’s face had a layer of ice on it because he kept diving into the snow drifts head first.  For some reason he doesn’t mind being cold.  That is definitely my wife coming through there.   I really hate being cold.  Give me a 90 degree day anytime over 8 inches of snow.  But they had fun out there and so I fixed him some hot chocolate when he came back inside.  To finish up the day we fixed our first fire in the fireplace.  We finished off the day watching the Survivor final…helping a guy get his car out of our ditch (another story that turned out good…he didnt get hurt or anything)…and then finishing up all of the packaging on the Christmas orders.  All in a days time…:)









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