Twitter, Facebook, Macbook, Blackberry…Where does it end? – Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Kokomo

I guess that this is bound to happen sooner or later for me.  Technology overload.  I guess I shouldn’t say overload yet, but there are days that I wonder. 🙂  In the last year or so I have gone from just my website  ( and my blog ( to a Facebook page for personal and work related topics, a Facebook Fan page for Wise Photography, a Twitter page, a Macbook Pro, Ipod, and a Blackberry.  I am not sure how this all happened.  I guess I have always been this technology crazy. 🙂  So I guess I do know how it all happened…

So if you want to connect with me or Wise Photography a little more than the blog or my website just head over and add me as a friend or fan on Facebook, or if you haven’t been sucked into the world of Twitter yet, then look for me in the links below.  I am going to warn you that these are both highly time consuming.  These sites can warrant remarks from your husband or wife if you “inappropriately” tweet during dinner, check status updates every five minutes, or get into Mafia Wars on Facebook. 🙂

I am at 78 fans for my Wise Photography FB fan page, so I plan to give a $5.00 Starbucks card to my 100th fan.  I will contact whoever is the 100th person to join to be able to send them the gift of my appreciation. 🙂

  • My Twitter Home Page
  • Wise Photography Facebook Fan Page
  • Mike Wise Personal Facebook Page
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