Update – Matt and Mary’s Dance Floor Story…

I got the word on the story behind the drink on the dance floor.  This is my take on it, so if I am wrong please post in the comment section to fix it!

Someone started this when they were at a wedding that was not going that great and put a drink the middle of the dance floor and started dancing around it like it was a fire.  So it was to heat things up and get the party started!  So the next time I am at a reception and people are just sitting around I am going to put a drink in the middle of the dance floor and start doing cartwheels and stage dives all around it!  (Somehow I just don’t think that would go over quite the same, but it would be worth a shot.)  🙂

Here is the recipe for one awesome reception…First start with a stage dive…





Then throw a few cart wheels among other things in…


Add beautiful bridesmaids dancing…



*Rule 45-2 of the Awesome Reception Handbook…One note to add to this is to make sure that no one hits the drink as this would be sure to cause a stop in the action.

 Mike Wise Photography – Dancing Wedding Receptions Cincinnati

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