Whitley’s Lifestyle Baby Session…

I took shots of Whitley last week.  She was a little over two weeks old, so she was doing what she does best.  Sleeping…crying…eating…well…you know the rest.  :)  I love shooting these kind of lifestyle baby shots.  But there a few things that I try to tell the mom and dads as we are shooting. 

1.  Their baby is not going to smile when we want them to smile.  2.  Their baby is probably going to cry when I am trying to take a picture.  3.  Their baby is going to probably want to eat at least once during our baby session.  4.  They will probably need to change their diaper at least one time during our session.  (Notice that I put “they” as I have diapers to change at my own house with Blake.)

Baby lifestyle photography is something that most people do not have of their kids.  These are not posed shots.  They are not in front of a background.  They are not putting a toy in front of your kid trying to get them to smile.  The point of lifestyle baby sessions is to capture a time in your life, as well as your child’s, so that you can remember how tiny they really were at this age.  If this is your first child you want to remember how careful you were when you picked them up…those of you who have two or more know that by the second one you realize that they are not made of porcelain.  They will remind you of a time when you realized how quickly that time will run away from you…

Timeline for Whitley and all the other little baby sessions…one month…sixth months…one year…kids pictures…senior pictures…wedding. :)  I am sure that if you ask a lot of parents that it seems as though it has been that fast for them.








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