Wise Photography Workshop…thanks everybody…

I tried to cover a lot of things Saturday at my photography workshop.  This was a class for photographers trying to get out of their green box mode on their DSLR cameras.  There were all kinds of levels of knowledge there, but there was one thing in common.  Everybody came to learn, which made for a lot of great questions.  I think that there are tons of people out there that have reeeeally nice cameras that have not been brave enough to experiment with their cameras and choose their own settings, or that just need some ideas on what to try.  I hope that I accomplished that.  We covered shooting kids, detail and macro settings, depth of field, and choosing your own shutterspeed for the look you want in your shot, and a lot of other stuff.

There was one moment that Liz shared with us that I loved hearing.  During our discussion she spoke about how she now understood why she was getting the results from her past shoots.  This is such a key in photography.  Learn from your mistakes.  We all make them…the key is not to keep making the same ones.

I hope everybody had a great time.  I want to thank Karen Peelle for bringing her flowers for the day.  I had asked her to just bring a few flowers…thinking that four or five roses or whatever would be great…but noooo…as usual she brings in like five or six “displays” as well as other types of individual flowers.  I guess I should not have been surprised. :)  I aslo want to thank Sarah and Zoe (and Mandy) for being our models.  You guys were awesome.  It was funny because we also got to shoot their dog (Buddy) as a bonus.  As well as Emma Swales for helping me out with some behind the scenes things for the day.

I am hoping that I will get some of the images back from those in the class to feature here on the blog.  But in the mean time I have a great link to Morgan Young’s blog on the workshop.

Here are a few shots from the day…

The natural light from the studio was great to use for our kid session…


Depth of field shot of the Doubleshot…


This flower is just not the same without Zoe’s smile. 🙂


Sarah and Buddy were a hit…


For those of you who know Karen… :)  Imagine her wanting a shot with a dog??


I snapped this shot as I was talking about how to get your kids to forget about the camera…or at least to have fun with it. 🙂


Here is Morgan concentrating on that perfect shot…


Sharing is a key…Andrea and Jean compare their work…


Liz checks out her results…


Thanks everybody!!


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