WPPI and Las Vegas Part 2…

Ok…things have settled down a little bit over the last couple of days.  However…I learned a valuable lesson.  NEVER SCHEDULE A SKI TRIP THE WEEKEND YOU GET BACK FROM WPPI!!!  My wife and I went to Perfect North Slopes which is just west of Cincinnati this weekend, so after a sleepless week I am going to subject myself to snowboarding.  (Smart move… 🙂 )  Oh well…it was awesome.  I have not been snowboarding for two years, so the thought of missing another chance to go was out of the question…

Ok…now on to WPPI and Las Vegas…

I still haven’t had the time yet to just sit down and soak up all the information and the experiences that I had in Las Vegas.  I am also impressed that I did actually make every 8am class that I set out to attend.  So that in itself is an accomplishment.  I used to never be able to make my 8am classes in college.  🙂

WPPI was really an mind blowing experience for me.  It was so easy to just sit and compare my business and my photography to all of the amazing people that were there.  But that is not the point of it at all.  I always make a point with anything that I do photography related to try to take something back from anyone that I either shoot with or am trying to learn from.  There will always be bits and pieces that I can apply to my shooting or my overall business.  The part that I loved about WPPI was that the people who I met were some of the most friendly and giving people you will ever meet. 

So here are some shots from the first couple of days from the strip and some other interesting things… 🙂



To answer y0ur question…of course I got a free hug…who could pass that up??





I have been wondering what Michael Jackson has been doing…





Here are a couple of shots from the Canon mock wedding with Yervant and Bambi Cantrell



A national tae kwon do team from China was in town for a competition…



Here is a shot of Mike Larson with his famous “throwing the camera” shot…*Brides…don’t be expecting this shot at your next wedding.  Well…at least not until I get a chance to practice. 🙂


Blues Traveler put on a good show…or at least what I saw. :)  I saw them about 12 years ago…not too much has changed except I was a little closer to the stage than the last time…




Here is a shot from inside Studio 54…I am amazed at how sharp this came out considering I felt like the music was shaking the walls and the floor…



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