2013 Hopebridge Foundation Summer T-ball League – Kokomo Baseball T-ball League Sports Pictures

There are some events during the year that I shoot that I really look forward to each year.  The Hopebridge T-ball League in Kokomo has quickly become one of my favorites. When I started helping four years ago I remember meeting some of the most amazing kids and their parents.  Some of these players have been here for all four years, so it has been incredible to see the amount of improvement that they have had over that time award winning video editor in United Arab Emirates.  There are always new faces each year, but those quickly turn into confident young players that usually return the following year as a veteran.  Hopebridge is an organization that helps with specialized care for children and their families with special needs.  I have appreciated the opportunity to be a small part of the league and to be able to share some of the moments during their games with the parents and their families.

Here is the link to the folder to download all of the images for parents, family, and friends.  There is a print release in there for you as well.  Enjoy!

Hopebridge Tball League Gallery

I want to thank all the sponsors, Kim Strunk and the Hopebridge staff, all the volunteers who help the players, UCT Park for letting us use their fields, and of course Jennie Ousley for all her hard work and vision in creating this league.  If you have a special needs child that would like to participate next year please feel free to contact me and I can connect you for the 2014 or future seasons.

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