Cole’s Soccer Season in Full Swing…

I have been on the move over the last few weekends because of soccer season.  I get to watch Cole in his soccer games in the morning and then I jet out to my wedding.  Cole (who is five) is playing soccer again this year and is loving it.  He has learned so much over the last few weeks with his new coach.  It is so funny because they work on passing the ball and actually looking for each other.  Cole goes running down the field yelling “I’m open…I’m open.”  Most youth soccer games are like watching a centipede.  The ball goes down the field with one player kicking it and then everybody else follows behind.  So I really am thankful for his coach and all that he has done.

Here are a few shots that I grabbed with my 70-200.  It is funny how many people will ask you if you are from the newspaper when you are shooting with a big white lens.  I just smile and say I am just a “wedding photographer.” 


Check him out!  He is pumped and ready to go!!


Getting some advice from the coach…


This kick was actually his first time to ever score…I was expecting him to rip off his shirt and run around….


But instead he went for the high five…


and the low five…


Ooops…Coooooooold water!!


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