Joey and Lyndsey’s Wedding – St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Kokomo – Continental Ballroom Rozzi’s Catering – J. Edwards Chocolates

Kokomo, Indiana – If there is such a thing as “Super-Groom” I am pretty sure that Joey would get the cape.  I am pretty certain that I have never had a groom who had as much input as he did with their wedding day.  It wasn’t that Lyndsey didn’t have her hand in all of the decisions, but Joey was genuine in caring about the details and the different parts to their wedding day.  I also don’t think you will find a groom who is more in love with his bride that Joey either. 🙂

Lyndsey and Joey were married at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church with Father Ted.  The staff from Rozzi’s Catering took care of everybody at their reception following at the Continental Ballroom.  Their gorgeous flowers were from Karen Peelle.  Their cakes were from J. Edwards Chocolates, and let me tell you there were a lot of them! 🙂  Their day was planned with help from Crista and Hannah from Tharp Events.  Their reception had a packed dance floor courtesy of Jeff Hodson from X-Sight Music.  With all of these awesome people behind the scenes it made for a perfect day not only for Joey and Lyndsey, but also for me. 🙂  So thanks to all of you for your hard work and passion for their wedding day.

Thanks Lyndsey and Joey for an incredible wedding day.  I always love being able to share in a day like this because it is definitely an honor.  M

Disclaimer – The flowers in the following shot were not harmed in any way.  This was for demonstration purposes only.  All those involved were well aware that if anything happened to the bouquet that I would personally be helping Lindsey kick their butts all the way to the Ballroom. 🙂  So now on to the Heisman Trophy winner for Super-Groom Football 2010…

Dyer going for the goal line like Reggie Wayne…Hold that pose!!  Wait a minute!  If you missed Lyndsey and Joey’s engagement session you will understand what crazy super Indianapolis Colt’s fans they are!

I think they left off the kitchen sink…

Both Joey and Lindsey are pharmacists, so how fitting to have a groom’s cake made out of a prescription bottle!

Ok…I am going to be honest…This next one is the dreaded Banana Split Cake.  I will warn you…it is evil…I am not a big eater, but I am pretty sure I could put the “Man vs. Food” challenge on with this one.

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