Mary and Matt’s Engagement Session…

I got to shoot Mary and Matt’s engagement session this weekend.  It was perfect.  They are getting married in Cincinnati next January.  They are not home all that often, so getting them back here for their e-session was not the easiest. 🙂

We were talking about the wedding and Matt commented on how easy going Mary has been about everything.  I am sure that they will be one of the most relaxed couples I have ever worked with on their wedding day.  I can see Mary now just laughing and grinning like she does all day long, and I am sure that Matt will be the same.  I can’t wait!

BRIDES (and sometimes grooms) TAKE NOTE:  Stressing out about things doesn’t do any good!  Relax…enjoy it, because it will be over before you know it.  I have so many couples who come back after their wedding and say that they would love to be able to do it all over because it happened so fast.  So don’t get upset when something happens that is not within your control and remember that nobody else is going to know that your wedding day is not going perfectly as planned.  If you think about how many people are involved with most weddings it is truly amazing that more things do not go a little crazy. 

Here are some shots from Mary and Matt.  Thanks guys for being you. :) 






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