Oakbrook Valley Father-Son Campout – Kokomo Camping Oakbrook Church

I am writing this on Friday right before I am getting ready to leave for the weekend to go to Oakbrook Valley to go on a father-son camping weekend.

I am having very mixed feelings about this weekend. One good thing is that the weather is starting to look a little better as they are saying the rain may be less of a chance at about 30%. I recall the last time I was camping in West Virginia during a white water rafting weekend.  Can you say soaked? Although the trip was an awesome experience I think it rained about 75% of the time that we were there.  But they are still saying that lows are going to be in the 40s and the highs in the mid 50s.  Cold and wet are definitely not in my vocabulary when it comes to having fun.

My son Cole, who is six going on 20, is so ready for this weekend it isn’t even funny.  He started packing his camo backpack on Monday of this week with about every bit of camo that he owns.  He even packed two pair of camo boxers.  So needless to say that even when he goes to the bathroom he will be hidden. :)  He packed his night vision goggles, his canteen, and all kinds of other hunting/camping type of things from a smores breakfast bar to a couple of protein bars that I didn’t even know we had. 

My biggest hangup with this weekend is with me.  Yes I said it.  This takes me out of my comfort zone.  This takes me out of my little comfortable world and puts me in a spot that I don’t enjoy.  I hate that I feel this way because I know how much Cole has been looking forward to this.  Spoiled, selfish, and inconsiderate come to mind when I start looking at the reasons that I am feeling this way.  No laptop, no cell phone, no Ipod, no tv, basically no connection to anyone except the 49 dads and 54 sons that will be there this weekend.  The other fact that I don’t enjoy camping out comes to mind, but this still goes back to my comfort zone and it all being about ME.

I have a feeling that this will be an amazing experience for Cole.  I have a feeling for some reason that I might be more amazed than he is after this is all said and done…

We will see what happens. 🙂

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