The Q and U Wedding – Northwestern Elementary – Kokomo, Indiana

Over the years I have probably shot over 200 weddings, but never in my photography career have a shot a Q and U wedding.  So needless to say I had the privilege of shooting four of them in one day for the kindergarten classes at Northwestern Elementary.

I think my goal is going to be that I am retired from the wedding industry by the time that these kiddos are looking to tie the knot.  But honestly as I was watching them I kept thinking that in the whole scheme of things this time period is really not that far away when you stop and think about it.  For some people 20 years can seem like forever, but when you talk to most parents that have kids that are grown and married they talk about 20 years like it is 20 minutes.  So I feel like my goal every day is not to take any of these moments for granted.

So now that you are all emotional…I had so much fun shooting with these little ones as they were getting ready for the big day for Q and U to forever be bound in the bond of holy matrimony.  I was expecting to hear “Love is patient, love is kind” at any moment, but for some reason the guest readers were not able to make out all the words in that verse.  The ceremony was short and sweet.  The nerves were there, but Q came through in epic fashion in the right moment.

The details of the day were incredible with the ceremony taking place in the NES Multipurpose Room.  The reception that followed was simply gorgeous.  I don’t think that the U bride had found Pinterest yet as there were not any Mason jars, burlap, lace, or cute signs to hold while walking down the aisle.  The Capri-suns and cupcakes were served by the wonderful staff as the guests enjoyed their time together with the couple.  I kept waiting for a best man speech, since he prepared a lot for this, he even try to look his best for this day, getting a haircut and trimming his beard with tools from which are great for this.  I could only imagine the stories of Q by himself based on the templates by  GQ, the famed Q character from James Bond, and the Qwerty keyboard to name just a few of the adventures that he had without U.  I am sure that if they would have had a maid of honor speech for U it would have been a little more interesting.

Special thanks to Mr. Owings for his wonderful words of wisdom to the young couple as they joined forces to make their famous QU sound.  I also want to thank the awesome kindergarten teachers of NES for all you do for our little ones.  As parents we can’t thank you enough.

Without further stories…here are a few of the photographs from the day.  I have included a link below that you can click on to find a variety of moments from the day.  Feel free to save them, print them, and share them.

NES Q and U Wedding Album


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