Trent and Liz’s Engagement Session…

It is only fitting to share this engagement session today.  You will understand here in a few minutes…maybe 15-18…something like that…:)

Trent and Liz are getting married next year, so we were able to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather we have been having lately for their engagement session.  I have known Trent for almost ten years I would imagine, as he played tennis for me when I used to coach.  So this is always special to me when I get to shoot a friend’s wedding.  I have enjoyed getting to know Liz as well.  She is as sweet as can be and she seems perfect for Trent.

I can’t wait for your wedding guys!  I am sure it will be an awesome event.






How cute! :)  This is how Trent proposed to Liz…



Ok…now here is where the sweetness ends…



Trent gave me this excuse about being from Michigan…blah blah blah…and Tom Brady…blah blah blah…so that was the reason…


I think if that is the worst disagreement that Trent and Liz have in their relationship that they will be ok…


We put a wager on the game and the loser had to carry the other person on their back for a victory lap…Liz and I knew what the outcome of the game would be, so we had Trent pay up…


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