A Photographer’s Christmas Wish List…

Each year Christmas I get to hear how hard I am to buy for from my wife and my family. I guess that is because I am so picky. So I thought I would put together a list of things that I would love this Christmas…

Running Shoes…The Asics Gel Kensei 3 are sweet.  I have gotten more and more into running since about May of this year (so much that I have even thought about signing up for the Indy Mini) of this year.  I am guessing that I am not quite “ready” for that, but I still haven’t ruled it out.  Right now I don’t have a wedding on May 8, 2010, so that doesn’t give me an excuse yet.asics





Garmin GPS – Forerunner 310XT – I love my Garmin GPS for finding church and reception sites…so when I saw that they had this little device to bring along on runs I was ready for one of these.









Starbucks Cards…This is one of my weaknesses…Venti Caramel Brulee Frap please…







Naked Juice – Ok…this might seem odd…but have you tried this stuff?  I think that a CASE of Pomegranate Blueberry would ROCK!  That is ok…you can call me weird…but I am just letting you know that once you try this stuff I am sure you will add this to your list NEXT YEAR!  Don’t worry…I will share.  nakedjuice2








Alaska Trip or Tornado Tour – I guess that if I do either one of these trips I am pretty safe to say that I would be at risk for either one.  Bears or a tornado?  Hmm…I guess the good part about Alaska would be that I would get some awesome shots of other wildlife or the scenery…can’t really say the same for Kansas or Oklahoma.









Canon 1D Mark IV – Yes I just got two 5D2 bodies for Christmas last year.  But this body has my eye for a couple of reasons.  Being able to shoot at a higher ISO at weddings for me is a must.  I am also ready to cycle out my 5D bodies…so if you know of anyone who is interested in one just shoot me a message.  I am also looking at the weather sealed body as a bonus.  I have all L lenses, so the thought of shooting in the rain with a 5D2 scares me.  I don’t like that thought in the middle of a wedding day.  I guess you could argue how many times that would happen, but all it would take would be one.  Remember I am picky like that.







Think Tank Urban Disguise 60An awesome bag to be able to take my Macbook Pro and a couple of bodies…  Oops…urban-disguise-60-1







Burton Snowboard – This is actually one of the things that I do enjoy in the winter.  I am very much a warm (hotter the better) weather person.  The thought of taking a vacation is beach…ocean…hot weather…but being on a snowboard pretty much makes me forget for a little bit that I am freezing. 🙂











Canon Super Wide Angle 14 f2.8L – This is one of those lenses that I would love to have, but I just can’t justify the price.  I shoot with the Canon 15 f2.8 fisheye and the Canon 16-35 f2.8LII, so I am not sure that this would be much of a gain, but the WIIIIIIDE angles you could shoot with this lens would be awesome.








Canon Telephoto 200 F2L IS – Nothing to say that hasn’t been said before about this lens.200l







We will see what Santa brings for this year…I talked to him a few days ago on the Polar Express.  I will be blogging about that here in the next few days…

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