Kokomo Bridal Show…

Saturday’s Kokomo Bridal show was a huge success at Pastarriffic’s Casa Bella Ballroom.  I really enjoy getting to go to these so that I can actually see some of the people that I know from the wedding industry that I sometimes never see at the weddings.  There are so many “behind-the-scenes” people. 

I was very impressed as I got to meet some awesome people at the show.  I think I spent as much time talking with the other vendors as I did with the potential brides.  I tried to get around to everybody and introduce myself if I didn’t know them or to catch up with how they were doing if I already knew them.  I think I got to almost everybody but two or three and that was because they were busy talking with brides.

I got to also talk with some of my future brides that were there trying to finalize all their wedding plans.  So that was cool to be able to talk with them about how quickly their day is coming and what is happening in their lives.

One part of being a wedding photographer that can sometimes get crazy is that sometimes people ask the most off the wall questions…I jotted down a few questions that I was asked just to give you an idea.

1.  If your website says that our date is booked then does that mean that you are not available? (Booked dates are gone no matter what…)

2.  Did you photoshop that background into that photo?  (It was a blue sky with clouds as they were kissing…and no I don’t photoshop in backgrounds)

3.  Do you do more than one wedding a day?  (I was already booked on her wedding day.  Hopefully nobody in their right mind does this…)

4.  Does your “Friday and Sunday” package coverage (I have a reduced coverage package for these days for smaller/intimate weddings) also include Saturday? 🙂

5.  Can we do our engagement pictures with our three dogs?  hehehe…This one was just funny…

6.  What are you so happy about?  (This was asked by someone who obviously didn’t share my enthusiasm for being there.  I always wonder why if people are not happy where they are in their lives or their business why they are still doing these things?)

Here are a few shots from the event.


Here is my booth.


Here are the ladies from Pastry Diva, and the ladies from Solutions Day Spa. 



How cool are these guys!?!  They were taking care of the doors out in front of the Ballroom.



Here is Jeff Hodson from Indiana Bridal Guide and X-Sight Music with Crista Tharp from Tharp and Associates with the winner of the huge wedding prize package.  This was valued at over $12,000 from vendors from Kokomo, West Lafayette, Delphi, Wabash, Peru, and Indianapolis.  So their will be lots of people and places to choose from for her wedding.



Wise Photography – Kokomo Indiana

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