Night of the Living Dead…not happening…

I think that there are things in my life that I have tried to keep from happening.  Sometimes I form opinions about certain things and that is pretty much the end of it.  I have always been very anti-cell phone.  I don’t like them.  I think that people are rude with them.  Don’t even get me started on driving with cell phones.  I also feel as though that people run their lives around them.  So now I come to my situation…I feel as though I have become one of them…the night of the living dead…cell phone stuck to my ear…or thumbs flying on a two by two inch keyboard…checking email…checking texts…wearing a Bluetooth in your ear (that has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen)…checking websites for updates…and it goes on and on…as life is flying by you.

Ok…maybe it really isn’t that bad…but I have seen a few people like that.  I made a decision this weekend that I hope will connect me more with my clients…Yes…I got a Blackberry Bold.  Of course the first question that everybody asks is why I didn’t get the Iphone.  Well…because my wife did. :)  I got her an Itouch for Christmas, so of course she wanted the phone as well so that she had everything in one package.  Actually I am a fan of both, but the Bold was more to my liking.  So here I am now…slowly each day becoming more and more of a fan of my new toy so to speak.  I do see the benefits (email…web access facebook…twitter…texting is not on this list) even if I don’t like to admit it. :)  And no…you will never see me with a Bluetooth earpiece….


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  • Amy McMurrayMarch 16, 2009 - 12:33 pm

    I had to tell a bride a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t know how to text. I was pretty much anti-blackberry, until then but now I feel like I am behind the times. Next time that I’m up for a phone I will be getting one.

    People get on my ever lasting nerves with them. You can’t have a conversation with my sister unless she is texting. Drives me insane.ReplyCancel